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Mythical & Magical

Laurel Burch - just a mention of her name brings to mind the beautiful felines, wild horses, celestial dreams, and womankind figures found on scarves, clothing, mugs, jewelry, greeting cards, tote bags, umbrellas and fabric.

Photo used with permission granted by Laurel Burch Studios

"My paintings are the most intimate portrayals

of all that is precious to me . . .

my greatest joy is to offer them in forms

that enhance and brighten the lives of

kindred spirits all around the globe."

~Laurel Burch

Her use of vibrant colors, often highlighted with thin gold lines, color dots, glitter or confetti, continue to inspire me as I look for whimsical fabrics for an upcoming project. I will be creating a quilt top with the "Secret Jungle" Laurel Burch panel.

Here is an inspiring and hope-filled video link to "The Art & Inspiration of Lauren Burch" at KarmaTube.

"On September 13, 2007, Laurel passed away due to complications from the bone disease, osteopetrosis. She will be greatly missed, but her spirit will continue to brighten our world."

If you're a kindred spirit, you have a selection of her jewelry, maybe a couple pair of socks, and your all-time favorite Laurel Burch fabric prints (or panels) in your stash.

What is your favorite Laurel Burch pattern?

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